Amazing Black-Owned Glassware to Upgrade Your Home Bar

Glassware is an essential part of any home kitchen and bar cart. Whether you’re sipping on your favorite drink, enjoying a fancy cocktail, or decorating your space, glassware elevates your beverages. What better way to elevate your glassware game than by supporting Black-owned businesses? In this blog post, we’ll highlight two amazing Black-owned glassware brands to support that offer unique and stylish glasses that you’ll love.

1.    Estelle Colored Glassware, Shop:


Estelle Colored Glassware is a Black and women-owned brand that creates stunning rainbow-hued hand-blown colored glassware. Their glassware is perfect for adding a pop of color to your table setting or bar cart. Each piece is unique and handcrafted, making them a great conversation starter at your next gathering or dinner party.

2.    Sister.Ly Drinkware, Shop:


Sister.Ly Drinkware offers beautifully designed glasses that are perfect for any occasion. From wine glasses to champagne flutes, their products are stylish and functional. Their Instagram page is a great place to check out their latest designs and get inspiration for your own collection.

Supporting these Black-owned businesses is an excellent way to add to your home decor. These glasses also make excellent gifts. These two Black-owned glassware brands offer a range of diverse styles of drinkware. By purchasing from these businesses, you can support Black entrepreneurs while also elevating the at-home drinking experience.

Have you purchased any glassware from any of these Black-Owned businesses?

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