Seas the Day: An Unforgettable 7-day Caribbean Christmas Cruise

A Festive Cruise on the Holland America Eurodam for the Holidays

Taking off on a seven-day Caribbean cruise aboard the Eurodam during the Christmas holiday was a unique and enjoyable experience for my family and myself. Join us on this journey as we spent seven days at sea, discovering the beauty of the Caribbean with Holland America crruise line.

Itinerary Highlights

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sea Day

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

San Juan, Puerto Rico

St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

Sea Day

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas


Favorite Stop: US Virgin Islands

One of the highlights of our trip was the visit to the US Virgin Islands. Atop Paradise Point we enjoyed lunch and indulging in a Bailey’s Bushwacker. Paradise Point, with its breathtaking views, is a must-see. Dessert drinks and island vibes added a sweet touch to this memorable stop.

Holland America Line Review

While the cruise had a mix of families and cruisers of all ages, it appeared to cater more towards older cruisers. The onboard entertainment was okay but I spent most of the sea day relaxing on the balcony, and spending time with my family. The standout was the exceptional service, particularly from the housekeeping staff. The food, though average, had its highlights, including a diverse salad bar, buffet-style American burgers, and intriguing Asian-inspired dishes. Mixology classes made the cruise experience better, providing insights into various drinks as we learned more about rum, which is popular within the region.

Culinary Highlights and Local Spirits

Throughout the trip, we delved into the local spirits, gaining insights into their cultural significance. Tasting iconic spirits in the US Virgin Islands, such as the Bushwacker and a local rum and coke with cherry, added depth to our understanding of Caribbean mixology. My favorite onboard activity was the mixology class.

Drink Highlights and Excursions on the Holland America Cruise

A Culinary Voyage

Excursions offered a glimpse into the first destination’s local specialties. From local cocktails to unique bar experiences, each port provided surprises and standout cocktail moments. Onboard bars were decent, with a surprising standout—a made-to-order pizza at a pizza eatery that surpassed expectations.

Cabin Review

My room with a terrace was comfortable, featuring standard design and impressive Elemis products. The balcony allowed serene moments of reading and listening to the ocean. Onboard experiences, while average, provided a relaxing backdrop for family time.

Dining Experience

The dining experience, overall, fell within the typical cruise food spectrum. Room service offered a different menu, and while there were some disappointments, the made-to-order breakfast stood out. The two cocktails that captured our excitement during the trip will soon be shared on my Instagram.

Cruise Tips

While the cruise design lacked the boutique hotel charm I enjoy, I recognize that I’m not the target demographic. Tips for future cruisers include bringing motion sickness medication and having small bills for tips, even with daily gratuities included.

Overall Reflection and Tips

Despite minor shortcomings, the overall experience was incredible, offering a glimpse into Caribbean cultures. Tips for potential cruisers include motion sickness medication and carrying small bills. I am open to cruising again, with plans for another cruise, possibly next year. We’ll see!

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video for a visual tour of my Caribbean adventure here. Until next time, cheers!

What I Wore: LTK

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